We know about the Governor's orders to close schools, bars, casinos and many other places, but what is next in this medical fight?

Coronavirus Testing Laboratory In Glasgow
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Each day the number of cases keeps growing. When will we see that change?

You will want to be listening this morning. Here's the KEEL lineup (so far)

6:40 Dr. Martha Whyte

We know you have lots of questions. Today we will ask many of your questions. Dr. Martha Whyte with the Office of Public Health will talk about the continued rise in the numbers and how it's impacting our communities. How soon will we have more testing. What you can do to protect yourself and your family.

7:10 Mark Cooper, Governor John Bel Edwards' Chief of Staff

Are more restrictions on the way? What will happen with spring testing in schools. What about graduations. What else can the state do to fight off this crisis?

8:10 Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins

New Orleans' Mayor is talking layoffs because of the impact of the Coronavirus. Will Shreveport be hit as hard. Is drive through testing on the way. What city services are impacted?

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