What is in the infrastructure bill for Louisiana? Department of Transportation and Development Secretary Dr. Shawn Wilson says the Bayou State will see big money from this bill.


Here's a Look at the Money in the Bill for Louisiana:

He says the federal program sending 4.8 billion to Louisiana for roads has expired. This bill will put that money back in the pipeline and Louisiana will get 4.8 billion for rebuilding our roads.

Dr. Wilson says we will also get $1 billion dollars to repair bridges across the state. He says we currently have 12,000 bridges in critical need of repair.
We will also get $470 million for public transit. This could pay for new buses and other critical needs in cities around the state.

Louisiana will also get 73 million for electric vehicle infrastructure. This will mean charging stations will likely be installed at more locations around the state.
The bill also includes $179 million for airports around Louisiana. Shreveport could be in line to get a big piece of that pie.

Dr. Wilson says this bill also has $70 million for broadband expansion in our state.
Another interesting piece in this bill is that Louisiana will be able to compete for $25 billion in federal dollars for other infrastructure needs.

Overall, Louisiana will get more than $7 billion dollars from the $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill.

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Here's More Reaction to the Bill:

Senator Bill Cassidy says this bill is a "a major victory for Louisiana and our nation. This infrastructure package will rebuild our roads and bridges, increase access to high-speed internet, strengthen our electric grid, add levee protection and improve flood resiliency."

But Congressman Mike Johnson tells KEEL News "this is such a scary outcome for the American people. It's $1.2 trillion in new spending when we have an almost $29 trillion dollar federal debt. It's all kinds of green new deal spending that has nothing to do with infrastructure.

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