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Most of us have seen tennis shoes hanging from a power line on a street corner, or a cross on the side of the highway.  There are a lot of traditions or practices people observe, and it might be hard to keep up with what they all mean. But have you ever seen a boot stuck on a fence pole and wondered what is it doing there?

If you see shoes hanging on a power line, you might not want to spend much time in that area.  You've probably heard some of the theories about why they're there.

  • The shoes mark a location where one can buy drugs
  • The shoes memorialize victims of gun violence
  • Gang crews use shoes to mark territories
  • Maybe just kids being silly, tossing shoes to see if they can land them on the line

Of course, if you see a cross or a wreath on the side of the road, that is pretty self-explanatory.  Someone has marked that site as the location where a loved one was lost in an accident.

So, if you see a boot hanging on a fence post, you should probably leave it alone.  It isn't someone just trying to get rid of an old boot.  A boot on a fence post is sort of like that wreath or cross on the side of the road.  Chances are, it's a memorial.


There might be several different reasons for a boot placed on a fence.  A boot placed on a fence post can mean that a rancher or someone's horse has passed away. It could also mean that a friend, fellow rancher or comrade has passed away.  Or, putting a boot on a fence can also symbolize hard work.


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