The feuding at city hall in Shreveport took a turn for the worse on Tuesday as 3 Council members walked out of the meeting as Mayor Adrian Perkins went on the attack against Councilman John Nickelson. This came after the panel voted 3-3 not to approve Henry Whitehorn as Chief Administrative Officer.

Councilman James Green was absent from the meeting.

After the vote, Mayor Perkins spoke saying this is a very sad day for the city of Shreveport. "This has nothing to do with Chief Whitehorn. If this is a personal vendetta, I would just prefer that we would be honest."  He added "This was a concerted effort by one council member, John Nickelson  who spread rumors about Mr. Whitehorn." The Mayor was asked by Council Chair James Flurry to avoid calling out names. As the Mayor's remarks continued, the 3 Republican council members walked out of the meeting.

The Mayor also told the crowd he will bring Whitehorn's name back for confirmation in two weeks. But Councilman Jerry Bowman asked the Mayor if he would move forward to appoint Whitehorn as interim CAO. The Mayor said "Yes, I will appoint him as interim CAO."


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