Another group of disgruntled city workers is asking for change. Sheila Johnson the President of the City Employees Union says there are widespread problems in the Streets and Drainage department.

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She took their case before the city council and the mayor this week:

Mayor, please look into streets and drainage. For too long there has been a lot of corruption a lot of employees not being treated fairly. During your campaign, we sought, hoped and prayed for change and we're still hoping you make change in that department. For too long, employees in streets and drainage and sanitation have been mistreated. It's time for change. These men and women love doing what they're doing.

Johnson is urging the City Council and the administration to look into these concerns.

Please get to know your employees and make a change in this department. There are too many code of ethics violations happening. I don't know if you are aware of it or not, but you need to look into it.
A lot of your employees have lost hope. They have lost faith in the administration. Until you get in and find out what's going on in these departments, don't just turn a deaf ear to it because it's going to cost the city in the long run.
We are asking you to hear the concerns of the employees.


You can hear Johnson's remarks during the meeting:

Councilman John Nickelson expressed concerns about Johnson's claims.

I take it very seriously when the President of our Workers Union indicates that there is widespread corruption in a department and if you have specific information I hope you will share that information with our internal auditor or law enforcement as appropriate. I think that every member of this council is committed to seeing that we stamp out corruption in the city and if you can help us do that, I would very much appreciate it.

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