Louisiana State Treasurer John Schroder talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL about the massive amount - about $900 million - of unclaimed money currently held by the state.

"The state has almost $900 million that belongs to the citizens of Louisiana," Schroder says, urging citizens to check the Treasurer's website. "(The state) gets about $80 million every year. We've returned roughly $27 to $32 million. But, what happens with the balance? Your government spends it in the state general fund."

Then the Treasurer's numbers grow even more astounding: "Right now in Caddo and Bossier Parish is about $50 million between those two parishes. It's the third largest amount in the state. We (the state) have people's cash and my job is to give it back to them."

Schroder adds that the website to check for the millions in unclaimed money of latreasury.com. Visitors to the site should then follow the link for "Search for Unclaimed Money."

The Treasurer also discusses the race for Governor, saying he is flattered that his name is repeatedly mentioned as a GOP challenger to incumbent John Bel Edwards, but says he will not be a candidate in this fall's election.

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