State Treasurer John Schroder talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about the Shreveport's $186 bond proposal, which goes to the voters in November.

Schroder tells KEEL listeners that the state's bond commission, of which he is chairman, "makes sure that (Shreveport) does everything it needs to do to get it to the ballot. Our job is not to get into the politics of whether it's good or bad. We're looking to see that they've met all the legal requirements, which they have."

The Treasurer also explains the city's bond rating. "One of the things that they look at is your debt. It's no different than when you buy a house or a car, the less debt, the better interest rate you'll get. It's no different for local government. The better your credit rating, the better price you'll get on your bonds."

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