State Treasurer John Schroder talks about his office's division of unclaimed property and tells the story of getting a quarter of a million dollars to a New Orleans homeless man.

Schroder told KEEL listeners the story as he promoted the state's unclaimed property and money website, which he says now totals nearly $900 million .

"The money (in the fund) comes to the state in different ways, old checking accounts, gift certificates, life insurance policies, stocks or bonds that get lost."

"We recently found a (homeless man) in New Orleans who had $258 thousand...that had been in the system for eighteen years," says Schroder, explaining how the his department is proactive in finding folks with large amounts coming, "We start from the top with out high ticket items. I...created a squad whose entire job is to look at the highest amounts owed and go find those people. We found the family of a deceased (person) had over $770,000.

"It's really unbelievable. It's really the best part about being Treasurer. We're setting records in the amount of money we give out. But with all the records we're setting, there's still millions and millions of dollars out there."

And Schroder urges everyone to visit the Treasurer's site to see what money they may have coming. "It's very easy," he says, "And in most cases it's a totally paperless process."

To visit the State Treasurer's Unclaimed Property site and see if the his office may have some of your money, JUST CLICK HERE!


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