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Earlier this week, LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly did what many think was the absolute right move when he fired the entire on-field defensive coaching staff.  Kelly issued walking papers to Defensive Coordinator Matt House, Safeties Coach Kerry Cooks, Cornerbacks Coach Robert Steeples, and Defensive Line Coach Jimmy Lindsey.

Speculation is already running rampant on House's replacement as Defensive Coordinator, a position that needs to be filled quickly to assist in recruiting efforts. And according to a recent article in Sports Illustrated, there are three names on Kelly's short-list that are very encouraging to LSU fans. All three have ties to Louisiana, and/or LSU.


Blake Baker- Missouri Defensive Coordinator

According to most reports, as of now, the Number 1 candidate seems to be Missouri's Defensive Coordinator Blake Baker. Baker previously coached at LSU as Linebackers Coach under Head Coach Orgeron.  As defensive coordinator at Missouri, Baker has taken the Mizzou Tigers defense to the 25th ranked defense in the country.  They held Ohio State to just 3 points in the Cotton Bowl in December... Now some might say because of player hold-outs and coaching changes bowl games aren't the best measure anymore, but it is still impressive.

And to strengthen Baker's case, his wife is from Louisiana. In fact, she was an All-SEC Soccer player.... for LSU.


Lance Guidry- Miami Defensive Coordinator

I mean c'mon... with a name like Guidry... what could be more Louisiana?  Guidry is also a Louisiana native, and was a player at McNeese.  As Defensive Coordinator at Miami, he's led that defense to a top 25 ranking.


Jesse Minter- Michigan Defensive Coordinator

If you've seen any Michigan games this season, you can't help but be impressed by the defense that's dominated the Big 10 this year. As LSU proved this year, you can't get to the National Championship without a strong defense, and Michigan certainly has that.

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