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People are HOT. Well over 100,000 customers are still without power in Shreveport-Bossier City, LA, and the surrounding area and folks are starting to get a little edgy. We suggest you keep comments like this to yourself for your own good over the next few days.

At last check, over 3,000 workers were working around the clock to restore power here in northwest Louisiana and it's just in time because we're under another heat advisory today until 8 pm with heat indices expected in the 105 - 110° range. Please, please, please be smart and stay cool and take care of those who need a helping hand if at all possible. But with that being said, tempers are starting to soar with the temperatures. Here are a few things you might not want to say around the Shreveport-Bossier City area today for your own protection.

1. "You need a generator."
Really? Sure, we'd love one but we don't have one and at this point, there aren't too many available even if you could afford one.

2. "We've had our power back on since Friday."
Must be nice.

Senior man with towel suffering from heat stroke outdoors, low angle view
Liudmila Chernetska

3. "Just leave your pets, they'll be fine."
Excuse me? Would you leave your kids to swelter alone in this kind of weather? I think not.

4. "Back in the old days, we got along just fine without air conditioning."
Well, guess what, this is 2023, and my butt isn't conditioned to living without air conditioning.

5. "Just be patient."
My patience is just about worn thin after four nights without air conditioning.

Girl suffering a heatstroke refreshing with a fan

6. "Why can't you go stay with family?"
This question is so loaded.

7. "I slept so good last night in the A/C."
This one is a guaranteed throat punch.

8. "Why do you look like that?"
I'm so glad you asked. I can't remember the last time I didn't have pit stains, even fresh from the shower and that's how my hair naturally dries. Oh, and I'm out of clean clothes. Now what?


9. "Hot enough for you?"
Honestly, if you make this comment, you deserve what you get.

10. "I've got power but my cable/internet is still out."
First-world problems much?

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