Tom Gresham. host of the Gun Talk syndicated radio program, talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright about a recent legal settlement that seemingly gives the go-ahead to "produce" 3-D printed guns.

Gresham tells KEEL listeners that "it's not a printer as you and I know it. Think of it as squirting out molten plastic in a computer controlled way." But he emphasizes that the technology to make these guns has existed for some time, that the actual news is on the legal front, citing a just settled suit between the federal government and self-described "anarchist" Cody Wilson of Texas.

"All he wanted to do, all he did," Gresham says, "Was put on the internet some computer files, files that are basically schematics of guns, files that you could use, with a 3-D printer to make a gun." A suit by the feds attempted to block Wilson, but he countersued. "The State Department came to him saying, 'We would like to settle this,' because they looked at it and knew they were going to lose their shirts on the deal."

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