Gun Talk host Tom Gresham talks about the recent debates, the Democrat Party's stance on gun control and how the Biden Administration would attempt to gut the 2nd Amendment.

Gresham begins by explaining why Democrats - especially on a national level, are so hesitant to bring up their party's anti-gun stance. "They don't want to talk about it because they know it's a losing issue with the general public," he says, "But I would encourage everybody to go to the Joe Biden website and look at the laundry list of gun bans that he and Kamala Harris (support). They're promising to confiscate your guns - these are not my words, these are their words - confiscate your guns, limit you to buying one gun a month and ban the sale of gun parts over the internet. They have the entire wish list of the gun ban lobby as their platform."

Gresham then addresses the Biden - Harris proposed semi-automatic gun ban, which would include most handguns. "They would actually ban semi-automatic pistols - and most pistols these days have magazines that hold more than ten rounds - they would ban those and ban the manufacture of those magazines," he says, "It gets even worse, They say that for you to continue to own the things you've already paid for and are legal, you now have to register your guns and your magazines as machine guns and pay a $200 per unit tax and wait a year to five years to get them registered.

"Part of the Biden, Harris plan, right there on their website would (also) ban the internet sale of ammunition, so you could not have ammunition shipped to your home like you can now."

2020 Proposed Amendments

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