We've heard arguments for and against President Obama's gun control legislation. We interviewed Gun Talk show host Tom Gresham on KEEL Morning News today to get his thoughts on gun control and the Sandy Hook school shooting.

As a parent, I was curious whether he thought the president's executive orders would prevent tragedies like the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting spree.

"No, it's just crazy," Gresham says. "Nothing he has proposed would have stopped the shooter in Newtown. Nothing. It leads you to believe that this is just a laundry list of things [the Obama administration] wanted anyway, and they're using this terrible tragedy to push their agenda."





Gresham on schools and guns:

Dennis Foley asked Gresham what the purpose of owning automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines is, for those who are on the fence about the subject.

"We have been using automatic weapons for 100 years," Gresham says. "More than a hundred years we've had these guns. President Teddy Roosevelt hunted with a semi-automatic."

Gresham on automatic weapons:

Gun Appreciation Day is coming up Saturday, and Gresham tells us he believes it's going to have a lot of support.

Gresham on Gun Appreciation:

Gresham says all this will be the big discussion of Gun Talk, which you can hear on 710 KEEL Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4.

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