Just a day after Cyber Monday and record breaking spending across the United States, Americans are being urged to open your wallet for Giving Tuesday.

The Louisiana Association of Non Profit Organizations will hold 24 hour campaigns in Shreveport and several other communities. LANO’s Director of Business Development Emilie McBride says their hope is that people open their hearts and donate.

McBride says this day goes deeper than just raising money. It helps to increase the community’s awareness of nonprofit agencies and their work.

McBride says it’s open to any non-profit agency that is in good standing with the Secretary of State’s office. She says it’s easy for anyone to become involved in Giving Tuesday. You can typically click on the non-profits Facebook page or website to make a donations  Some local organizations are holding special events today.

Giving Tuesday has become a philanthropic phenomenon since it was introduced six years ago as a way to encourage charitable giving just as Black Friday and Cyber Monday promote shopping. Donations jumped to $180 million last year.

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