What were you doing when you were 14? Dreaming of driving? Wishing you had a moustache? Trying to work up the nerve to call your big crush. Well, perhaps 14-year-old Isak Schmidley thinks about those things, too, but if he does he does it from a college classroom...while he's preparing to start medical school.

You see, later this spring young Isak will be graduating with an associate’s degree in science from Bossier Parish Community College and is planning to begin classes at Shreveport's LSU Health medical school, taking classes in medical laboratory science.

Not impressed just yet? Well, here's the Schmidley schedule: He's not only taking a full load of classes at BPCC. he's also attending Country Day Montessori School in Coushatta, where he's been taking college prep and actual college courses since he was 13.

isak schmidley / facebook
isak schmidley / facebook

In a recent interview, this Ark-La-Tex version of Doogie Howser told KSLA, “By the time I was in middle school, I was able to take high school level classes. My teachers felt like I should take the ACT to see how far I would be from college readiness.”

And of course, no one was really surprised that testing showed that the young fellow was more than ready to move up to the collegiate level.

But med school? Before he has his driver's license? “I think it can be hard to see into the future, but I am taking it one step at a time,” Schmidley told KSLA when asked about becoming a physician, “I think the idea of gaining knowledge just really helps me and pushes me forward.”

“I’ve learned a lot of life lessons and the importance of time management; things people learn in college,” he told the Shreveport station. “I think a lot of my classmates were really supportive of me and I think that helped make me feel more comfortable.”

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