A Couple of Weeks Ago I Found a Kitten on the 220 Bridge.

Yes, I pulled over on the 220 bridge with cars and semis zooming past me to get ahold of the orange fuzzball. When I picked him up my heart shattered. "Did I just pick up a dead kitten?" I thought to myself because his eyes were pasted shut and he was so skinny I couldn't believe it. He let out a soft meow that let me know we were in business and very much alive, from that moment I was determined to keep him alive.

After Taking Him to the Vet We Got a Game Plan Going and It Was a Worrisome Week That Followed.

Yes, this kitten had a strong will to live, however, none of us had any idea how long he was on the bridge for. Could his little body that was infested with fleas fight off the two scary infections? Could his eyes make a full recovery?

Fast Forward Two Weeks and This Little Orange Fuzzball is Thriving.

What was once a very weak skinny kitten has a full belly that gets the zoomies all over the house. I swear he has doubled in size and is the best cuddler in the world. I am not a cat person by any means however I love leaving work because I get to walk my dog and carry around mister kitty cat so he can take in the sights and smells of the great outdoors.

@krystalchica Found a kitten on a bridge. #PrimeDayDreamDeals #kitten ♬ Glimpse of Us - Joji

Everyone Keeps Telling Me That I Need to Keep This Sweet Kitten.

Let me clarify something, I don't want to rehome him. I don't want this precious ball of joy to leave my home. He's become my favorite part of coming home, despite what my dog thinks about him. However, there has been a surprising interest in this sweet-tempered Manx kitten. How awesome is it that so many people want to make him a part of their family?

My Home Needs to Be Open For Other Animals

I will always pull over to check on an animal on the side of the road. I'm never going to feel embarrassed for showing empathy toward a living being. Maybe it won't be a kitten next time, maybe it will be a dog on the side of the road, maybe it will be a Facebook post that pulls on my heartstrings. This kitten was not the first pet I have found, and I know he won't be the last. There will be other animals that I come across that won't have several people asking about them. There may be a day when I rescue a pet and all I will hear will be crickets when I ask who wants to adopt them.

As much as it will suck to give up my little buddy that I have grown so close to, I can't help but be thrilled for his new home and his new cat sibling. This little dude will be my reminder of why we always pull over when we see an animal. Who knows they could turn out to be your best friend.

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