It's been almost twenty years since Americans United for Life began its annual Life List, a ranking of America's states based on how "life-affirming" their laws and policies are.

The latest Americans United for Life rankings list the states from number one to fifty and this year Arkansas tops the list of states as the most pro-life.

Arkansas edged out our own Louisiana to take the top spot after that state's legislature passed a number pro-life laws, ten in all. In addition, pro-life court rulings have confirmed previously passed laws, legally challenged by pro-abortion organizations, to go into effect.

And according to the website, measurements and metrics use by Americans United for Life include "abortion and women’s health and safety, ethical treatment of embryos in research and reproductive technology, rights of conscience for health care professionals, and patients’ rights, denial of care, and end-of-life issues."

And the same site also mentions that Louisiana is not only in the top five, but is ranked a close second after 2020. Again, from "Congratulations go to Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Indiana, the top five states on the 2021 Life List of Americans United for Life. We hope they inspire their sister states to zealously defend life and force the top states to defend their title."

For more information about Americans United for Life, their recent work and support for right-to-life causes and groups across Ameri8ca, JUST CLICK HERE!

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