My goal in life is to always try to be kind and treat everyone I come in contact with respect. I try to be pleasant. Sometimes it is hard. But I remember there are usually folks out there having a much more difficult day than I am having.

When I run into people who really care about their jobs and want me to be pleased with the service I get, I want to shine a light on them. Usually I don't go this far, but in this case I wrote to the head of the company to say "thanks" to an employee.

Here's what happened. I order my groceries online these days an go by the store to pick them up. I have not really be a very loyal customer to any one store. I just shop where I can find good deals on the things I need. In this case, I shopped online at Brookshires on Kings Highway.

The person who did my shopping texted me with a couple of substitutions for my order and had everything ready in advance of my pickup time and she let me know that. When I pulled up at the store, Christine so pleasantly loaded my groceries into my car and said "thank you for shopping with us". I thanked her and tried to hand her a tip. Personal shoppers at many stores have been taking these tips during the pandemic, so I didn't think anything of it.

But Christine refused my few bucks and told me "we are not allowed to take tips."

I again thanked her and drove off. But my story does not end there. Once I got home and saw how carefully she had obviously picked out my produce, etc. I thought I should say thanks another way.

So I sent an email to the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Brookshire Brothers Company.

It took a minute to find his email address, but I'm pretty stubborn.

Here's what I wrote to Brad Brookshire:

You guys have amazing employees. Today, Christine at the Kings Hwy store in Shreveport did an amazing job shopping for my groceries and loading it into my car. I tried to give her a tip and she refused it. If there is anyway you can reward her for me, I would appreciate it. I love when service workers show how much they care.

A couple of days later, Brad Brookshire, himself responded to my email. Here's what he writes:

Hello Erin,

Thank you for reaching out and for your kind words about our employees and specifically Christine. We are proud of our team and the way they have served as true heroes throughout the pandemic.

Excellent service is a part of the exceptional experiences we strive to offer. We also strive to provide competitive compensation so there’s no need for tips.

Please know that I will reach out to Christine personally to thank her for taking such great care of you.


How cool is it that such a busy man takes time to respond to customers? If you know Christine, please tell her thanks for such an amazing job.


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