The state legislature in Baton Rouge is considering a number of major changes to Louisiana's gaming laws, but, perhaps, none so great as the legalization of sports gambling.There are a number of considerations on the table, from allowing the current riverboat licencees to oversee the betting, to giving complete control to government (not unlike Alabama's state run liquor stores) and setting up state operated "betting parlors." But, no matter which, if any, of these proposals make it past lawmakers, then voters, politicians will be looking at them as a way to pad state coffers.

So, on to our 101.7 / 710 KEEL poll. Let's, for the moment, consider this in broadest terms, i.e., setting aside the various ideas and focus on a simple yes, or no. If you were a legislator - senator or representative - in Baton Rouge, and you had to vote up or down on the legalization of sports gambling in Louisiana, what would you say? Yea, or nay?

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