Area parents are demanding action to stop the recent increase of violent crime involving teens, not only gang related gun crime, but the recent two days of violence at a local high school.

As a result, the Caddo Commission is set to consider a new curfew ordinance for teens. The curfew would be for 11pm to 5am. Parents whose children are found to be in violation would face fines of $259 for first offense and $500 for each offense after. Parents would also have the option of doing jail time in lieu of paying the fine.

Here's what Commissioner Chavez told KEEL listeners: 

"It's a resolution, it's not like we're enacting a new law," says Commissioner Mario Chavez. "The resolution is requesting local law enforcement enforce a law that's already on the books. In Louisiana it's 11 to 5, for the city of Shreveport it's 10 to 5 and on the weekends it moves to 12.


"It's urging them to implement the law and start carrying out that curfew law that's on the books. You've heard me say that I don't want to tell the police how to do their job, no one's telling them they're not doing their job, but my biggest concern is (teens) who have no respect for the law," Chavez says, adding that he's calling for meetings with Commission members and area law enforcement to get their ideas as to how best enforce the curfew.

So, on to the poll. Given the recent spate of teen crime across the area, should the in-place teen curfew be strictly enforced by Shreveport Police and the Caddo Sheriff's Department?

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