The former Fair Park and LSU star admits that he stalked a local woman and he'll have to serve probation, but no jail time. He played for several teams in the NBA for 9 seasons.

The Caddo District Attorney says the 32-year-old Swift got a suspended six month jail sentence and he's been ordered to serve a year and a half on supervised probation. He was arrested in May of 2011 after Chaquinita Pouncy called police telling the officers Swift was following her car. She said the two had been arguing prior to the incident. That call happened just 6 months after Swift was arrested for showing up at Pouncy's house with a gun. Police were at the scene of her home checking out a vandalism report when Swift drove up with the gun in his pocket. Pouncy says Swift sent her several threatening text messages. He was arrested on those charges in February of last year.