Shreveport Police Department's Chris Bordelon talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about his role in the Shreveport Police Union, the third group wanting to represent SPD officers.

Bordelon, an SPD detective, tells KEEL listeners that the new union was formed because of "a growing dissatisfaction" with current representation, specifically the Shreveport police Officers Union.

"Shreveport Police Union as it will be called was recently created under the leadership of the International Union of Police Associations( IUPA). Board members said Tuesday they are displeased with the way the city and SPD have handled their benefits. In particular, their educational reimbursement and insurance coverage if killed in the line of duty. Officer Angie Willhite is  president of the newly created union. She says the board is committed to bringing unity back within the ranks."

In response to how many member the new union hopes to eventually have, Bordelon says, "I believe going forward, as long as we're making progress, we're effective. I believe we could easily be two to three hundred officers by December. But we're going to be a union of action."

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