I am unabashedly a baseball fan. I collect baseball cards. I watch hundreds of games every season. I go to numerous games across America every year. Field of Dreams is my favorite movie. I love baseball and baseball history.

In recent years, Major League Baseball has been visiting historical parks for special series - the Field of Dreams game and the Rickwood Field Game to honor the Negro Leagues last night just to name a couple. And, because of MLB's desire to honor these parks, the people that played there and preserve baseball history, it got me to thinking - Should Major League Baseball look into doing something at SPAR Stadium.

Should SPAR Stadium Get the Rickwood Field Treatment?

At first glance, you may be thinking "Why would Major League Baseball want to do anything in Shreveport, Louisiana?". And that is a fair question. Unless you've lived here for longer than 10 years, it's easy to forget Shreveport used to be a baseball town. It's also easy to forget that well before Fairgrounds Field, there was another major ballpark in town and more teams than just the Captains.

For those that don't know - The original field where SPAR Stadium is now was opened in 1908. Over the years, it has been called numerous things - Gasser Park, Biedenharn Park, Texas League Park, Braves Field, etc.. The stadium itself (currently called named Gaililee Stewart-Belle Stadium after local baseball greats Riley Stewart & Albert Belle) was original built in 1935. Pro ball started getting played there in 1938 when the Texas League came to town.

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During its long, historic existence, that field/park/stadium has hosted Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Dusty Baker and countless others.

So, if MLB's goal is to preserve the game's history and to restore some of these iconic parks to their former glory - much like they did with Rickwood Field - you would think that the old SPAR Stadium should be on the short list.

What Could MLB Do For Shreveport's SPAR Stadium?

As I was watching the FOX coverage of last night's Rickwood Field game between the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals, I had a moment of inspiration.

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A couple of years ago, the Shreveport Mudbugs were finalist's for the NHL's "Kraft Hockeyville" promotion. The basic idea being that local hockey rinks across America submitted their story to the NHL in hopes of receiving funds to revive their facilities and possibly host an NHL game.

My thought is that if MLB is serious about preserving history and telling the story of professional baseball, a similar style promotion could be amazing. Each city/town submits their old historic parks to Major League Baseball. And the winner gets the 'Rickwood Field' treatment where they come in and restore it and you get a MLB game.

I feel like they could get Chevy or one of their major partners to sponsorship. It revitalize and reenergize some old baseball communities. I just feel like it would be good for the game and communities - regardless of whether you win or not.

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