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Dusty Baker has had a legendary baseball career. As a player, he was on the field for 19 seasons. He was an All-Star, won 2 Silver Slugger Awards and a Gold Glove. And while his accomplishments on the field as a player were impressive, what he has done from the bench as a manager is Hall of Fame worthy. He's a 3x Manager of the year, is the first manager in MLB history to lead 5 different teams to division titles and is only the 9th manager in baseball's glorious history to win both an AL & NL pennant.

And last night, he added to his legacy by hitting another major milestone and making history.

Did You Know Dusty Baker Played for the Shreveport Braves?

Before we talk about what Dusty did last night, let's talk about how he got started. Dusty Baker before making a name for himself with the LA Dodgers, was a member of the Braves organization. And, on the way to playing in Atlanta, he played 73 games with the Braves' AA affiliate team, the Shreveport Braves.

While most people remember the Captains, the Shreveport Braves were around from 1968-1970 and played their home games at SPAR Stadium in Shreveport. During their short existence, a lot of 'alumni' made the bigs. But there may be no bigger name on that list than Dusty Baker.

Houston Astros Manager Dusty Baker Makes MLB History

Now on to more current events. Last night, Dusty added another mark to his Hall of Fame Career by becoming the 12th manager to win 2,000. Which is quite the accomplishment. On top of joining an elite list of managers, Dusty became the first black manager to ever accomplish that feat.

What's Next for Dusty Baker in Houston?

Dusty Baker has accomplished about all there is to accomplish in the sport of baseball. Doesn't matter if you're talking about him as a player or manager. In fact, the only thing that has eluded Dusty thus far is winning a World Series as a manager. He's got one as a player, but has yet to win one as a manager. In fact, ironically enough, Dusty took the Houston Astros to the World Series last year but was beaten by the Atlanta Braves. So, that's probably the last piece of hardware Dusty needs to add to collection to get the recognition he deserves as one of baseball's best managers.

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