The Townsquare Media Virginia College "Little Black Dress Party" presented by Bailey's Jewelers was a huge success, with many partygoers enjoying fashion deals, raffle prizes and fabulous entertainment all evening long. Local entertainment writers rated it the number one event in Shreveport this year.

The party, also sponsored by Azarues, New To You Boutique and Accessory City, was held Saturday night at the Horseshoe Riverdome. It featured VIP tables, a delicious buffet, martini ice sculpture, a giant Cupcake Dress and local band The Roscoes rockin' and rollin' all night long.

Proceeds will be donated to the 81st Street School for Autism Awareness.

Models wore fashions from local boutiques and the outfits were bid on during silent auctions. Vendors representing stores including Azarues formal wear, New To You Boutique and Accessory City were in the foyer with booths. Bon Temps Burlesque dancers wearing costumes by Leslie Hankins performed to "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend."

Silent auctions were held along with a Master Live Auction featuring a Coach Hamptons large brown and red wristlet, a pair of American Idol tickets by Fox 33 in Dallas a KDNY Vintage inspired handbag and a Miller Lite Louisiana Tech Neon Sign. Raffle prizes included a $600 Coach leather purse.
Rock band The Roscoes played everything from 70's classics ("We're An American Band," "Sweet Home Alabama") to 80's, 90's and modern hits.

In fact, I ran up to the stage showing the rock and roll sign with my fingers and The Roscoes invited me on stage with them to sing and dance to "Sweet Home Alabama." My Facebook status says: "Did I really get on the stage with the Roscoes and dance to "Sweet Home Alabama?" I know it sounds like a scene from the "Hangover," but I only had one drink. I had to try out a "Cosmo" martini from the ice sculpture before it melted. Martinis flowing from the ice sculpture was a big hit all night long.

There was dancing all night long to great rock and roll. It's being called the best party of the year. Enjoy this gallery of pictures.


Thanks for coming out and we'll look forward to doing it again next year!
Here are Robert and Erin from 96.5 KVKI Morning Show introducing the event.

Here are the Roscoes rockin' out: