An amazing new drone video gives 101.7 / 710 KEEL listeners a bird's eye view from the top of the KEEL radio towers, all to the accompaniment of a vintage KEEL jingle.

The drone video, from AeroShotsTV, show the KEEL towers, numbering six in all, located just north of Shreveport in Dixie, Louisiana.

Here's a little more KEEL history from Wikipedia:

"The station originated with the call letters WDAN, licensed on May 19, 1922 to W.G.Patterson and Glenwood Radio Corporation, a Shreveport radio equipment dealer. The first broadcasts were made from Centenary College in Shreveport using a 10-watt transmitter.

By July of the same year Patterson and his associates moved the station to a new location, increased power to 50 watts, and was assigned call letters WGAQ. Local businessman W.K. Henderson became involved with the station, eventually gaining a controlling interest. In January of 1925,

Henderson relocated the transmitter site to his estate at Kennonwood, north of Shreveport. On August 14, 1926, W. G. Patterson and associates organized the Shreveport Broadcasting Association, purchasing the interest of W.K. Henderson in the station, and changing the call letters to KSBA.

The station changed ownership again in 1929, and the call letters were changed to KTBS. KTBS sold its radio operations in 1957. The call letters were changed to the current KEEL."

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