With the Shreveport mayoral race rapidly approaching, 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Erin McCarty talks with Robert J Wright - and the KEEL audience - what she thinks the biggest problem Shreveport's highest elected official faces.

Erin talks about a Netflix documentary series called, "Flint Town," which chronicles the troubles faced by the deteriorating midwestern city, including a shrinking population and, as a result, an underfunded police department that now number fewer than 100. She then wonders aloud, "How close is Shreveport to being like Flint?" And then she was off and running.

In a just-about-three-minute rant, Erin not only details what she sees as the biggest priorities for the city of Shreveport, but comes up with a plan - involving the entire community - to fix it. "It can longer be just about me, me, me," says Erin, "We have to start thinking about 'us' and how we have to join together to solve our problems."

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