What's your favorite Easter candy? I can remember those Easter mornings sauntering (or running) into the kitchen to see a pile of baskets on the kitchen table (I have five brothers). We were under strict orders not to touch anyone else's basket. Our favorite candy is the solid chocolate bunny. I would take my time and try to be the last one to finish my bunny.

Here's our list of our top ten favorite Easter candies:

Goldbrick eggs

Reeses Peanut Butter Cup eggs

Chocolate rabbit (this has to be solid)

Jelly Bellies

Cadberry Cream eggs

chocolate eggs (Hersheys)

malted milk eggs

Caramel eggs

Almond Joy eggs

Marshmallow rabbits

I do love hard boiled eggs and have some tips if you will be decorating eggs for the basket this year.

Now I must admit, there is one candy you see everywhere at Easter that I hate. It's those silly Easter Peeps. I think they should be outlawed and I take great joy exploding them in the microwave whenever I have a chance.

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