On Sunday (April 28th), we celebrated a big day in Shreveport: the birthday of radio legend Robert J. Wright. RJW has been on the radio in Shreveport for over what, 25 years now...which is pretty impressive. Plus, if you can survive this business for that long, you have to be some kind of special. Now, you may think that I'm only writing this because I produce Robert and Erin in the Morning. That I HAVE to be nice to the guy. And, that's partially true. But, WAY before I ever stepped foot in the KEEL studio, I considered Robert a friend.

And man...have we had some times together. We've chased wasps out of the station because Robert "didn't want to kill something for getting lost." I discovered that Robert may possibly be the Zodiac Killer (there was a Robert Wright living in the San Francisco area during that time frame....and man, just look at that sketch.) Robert has witnessed some of my shenanigans that we won't speak about here....and I'm sure I've witnessed some RJW insanity too.

There's not too many people in the wild and wacky world of radio that are fun to hangout with. Most are ego-driven, self absorbed jerks...but Robert is pretty much the same guy you hear on the radio. Sometimes he's frustrating and you just want to slap the heck out of him...but mostly, he's a good dude with a good heart.

So, if you haven't done so yet, take a moment and wish little Bobby a happy birthday! I know he'll probably kill me for putting this up...but at least I didn't force the Governor to sing happy birthday to him this year.

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