The City of Shreveport has won a pretty big legal fight. Shreveport filed suit against telecom giant Centurylink Communications for franchise fees. The city has an agreement with CenturyLink dating back to 2002. But the city claimed no fees have been paid.


The suit was filed during the Ollie Tyler administration and Caddo District Court Judge Craig Marcotte has just ruled in favor of the city. Shreveport wins $6.7 million dollars. But the City will not likely see any of this cash any time soon, because CenturyLink is expected to appeal to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

The agreement called for CenturyLink to pay a 5% yearly franchise fee based on gross revenue.

The judgment says "The city did not attempt to collect any franchise fees until 2016."  KEEL News has learned this ruling can go back 10 years for back payments.

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