All the buzz around town right now is focused on changes to the contract with the City of Shreveport with the Red River Revel.


Festival organizers are concerned this could cost them an additional $30,000 dollars a year to put on the 10 day event. But Shelly Ragle, the Director of Spar tells us the city is on a much tighter budget now and she has to look for ways to cut costs.

Ragle also tells us this is an attempt to make sure all the festivals are treated the same. She says right now, the Revel gets way more from the city than any of the other festivals.

But Revel supporters say this longtime festival is different from all the others and should be treated differently. For one, it's 10 days and brings in artists and vendors from across the nation. They also claim the combined sales tax revenues from in an out of town vendors may make the Revel one of Shreveport's largest financial assets.

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