Talks continued Friday with the City of Shreveport and the Red River Revel to get to a solution on a new contract for this year.

Red River Revel Arts Festival
Red River Revel Arts Festival

The city is trying to get all of the local festivals on a level playing field. But Festival organizers are concerned these changes could cost them an additional $30,000 dollars a year to put on the 10 day event. But Shelly Ragle, the Director of Spar tells us the city is on a much tighter budget now and she has to look for ways to cut costs.

KEEL News got this statement from the Revel Board President Friday afternoon:

The Red River Revel remains committed to our mission of providing quality arts education, entertainment, and programming as a gift to the citizens of our community. Our Board of Directors is working diligently to account for the unforeseen changes the City of Shreveport presented us recently without sacrificing the quality of our events. We remain steadfast towards Revel 45 this fall and future Red River Revel Arts Festivals.

J. Michael Ostendorff
President of the Governing Board
Red River Revel Arts Festival

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