The band Switchfoot, known for hits like Dare You to Move and Meant to Live and for literally changing and saving lives, is playing the Red River Revel Saturday night!

You may think I'm being dramatic when I say that Switchfoot is know for changing as well as saving lives, but I'm not. Their fourth studio album, The Beautiful Letdown was released in 2003, garnering radio airplay in 2004, when I was a young radio programmer at K945 here in Shreveport. Dare You to Move and Meant to Live were huge hits for the station, even though it's considered a pop station and the band is more alternative or rock. At that time, Shreveport didn't have an outlet for that type of music and we were happy to fill the void. Plus, the message in the lyrics was undeniable, especially when paired with such a compelling rock anthem wall of sound.

At the time, I was the personality on during the afternoon hours and I received call after call from young people telling me how Switchfoot's songs spoke to them on a spiritual level. I'll never forget one call in particular though. The listener told me that after hearing Dare You to Move on the radio, he decided to give things one more chance and changed his mind about taking his life. So, no, I wasn't being dramatic about Switchfoot's music saving and changing lives. I'm proud to say that out of all of the radio stations in the country, K945 is 32nd in the entire nation when it comes playing music by Switchfoot according to Mediabase, the folks charged with keeping up with things like that.

While I grew up in the area and have spent most of my professional career here, I've noticed that over the years, many bands shy away from being labeled as 'Christian.' Not Switchfoot. They embrace the title and all that comes with it. It's hard to believe that in other parts of the world being Christian would hinder how people receive you, but it's unfortunately the way our world is today.

I say all of this to invite you, right here in the beautiful Bible Belt of Shreveport/Bossier City and the surrounding area, to come see Switchfoot Saturday night starting at 7:30pm on the Chase Stage at the Red River Revel. Even if you don't know the music, I know you'll have an uplifting experience, plus, it's the Revel!

Here's a sample of their music and lyrics thanks to to get you ready for Saturday's show!

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