Shreveport-Bossier is getting a healthy does of rain today, but this will not likely solve our dry conditions. Burn bans remain in effect until we see a steady soaking.


This rain is a welcome site. For the month of August, our community got on .18 of rainfall making it the 3rd driest August on record. The only rain we got for the month was on the 13th & 14th.  We are down by more than 2.50 inches of rain for the month. The driest August ever was in 2000 when we only got a trace of rain for the entire month. Check out the records from the National Weather Service if you want to track this heat!


September started off quite dry, but things are changing with the system that is moving through now. We've gotten 1.47 inches of rain for the month, but most of that was on Thursday. We are about a half an inch below average for the month, but mother nature might take care of that with a good dose of the wet stuff today and tomorrow.



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