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The winter weather is expected to continue in North Louisiana, with temperatures dropping to 12 degrees tonight.  And if you're a pet owner, the Humane Society of Louisiana urges you not to leave pets outside, especially overnight. Director Jeff Dorson says if it’s too cold for you to be outside, its probably too cold for your furry friends. 

“If you can’t bring them inside, how about your  utility room or garage? Anything is better than outside. And so your cats too if they’re your companion. Please bring them in. They’re all going to feel the cold and we’d like everybody to be comfortable.” 

You might not be aware, but Louisiana state law requires pet owners to bring pets inside when temperatures fall below fifty degrees. This means it will be illegal to leave a pet out in the cold this week.

And if you own or manage a farm with livestock, Dorson recommends putting them in stalls, sheds, or barns and give them enough food. He says its important for owners to bring pets inside when the temperature dips to freezing conditions. 

“Animals can suffer from hyperthermia just like we can. Frostbite. The same kind of issues we experience in the cold, they will as well.” 

Another important precaution is to keep antifreeze away from pets or where they can get to it. Dorson says antifreeze has a sweet taste that animals like, so if you spill it – clean it up. 

“And so when you’re filling up your car with antifreeze, make sure if it spill to put dirt on it, salt on it, something to keep the cats away. Even dogs like the taste of it and it’s fatal.” 

If you see a pet left out in the cold, contact your local animal control office or police department. 

Caddo Parish Animal Control- 318 226- 6900

Shreveport Police Non-Emergency Number- 318 673-7300

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