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The temperatures might be rather mild right now, but don't be fooled.  We've got some harsh weather on the way... and it'll be here before you know it.  Although we're looking at mid-sixties this week, by this weekend, the low is expected to be in the mid-twenties.

According to Terri Smith, meteorologist with the Weather Channel, temperatures should be running at or above normal all this week, but doses of arctic air will be sweeping through the Arklatex dropping our temps to highs down into the 30's, and low's in the 20's.

Average temperatures this time of the year usually range around mid 50's for our highs, with lows averaging in the upper 30's. But by Monday night the 15th, we're looking at mid-teens for a low temp... with possible snow?

After a rather mild winter last year, the Farmer's Almanac also predicts a colder, wetter winter than we had last year.  In fact, they say Texans will need to bundle up, as unseasonably cold weather is forecast throughout January and February, with a possible major winter storm in mid-January.

What Exactly is El Nino?

So, what IS El Nino, and how does it affect our weather?  According to NOAA:  El Niño is a naturally occurring climate pattern associated with warming of the ocean surface temperatures in the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean, which can significantly influence weather patterns, ocean conditions, and marine fisheries worldwide. 

Basically, it occurs every two to seven years lasting around 9 to 12 months.  El Nino usually brings milder temperatures to the northern parts of the US, while wetter conditions across the southern United States.

Get the pipe wrap ready, you'll need it for this weekend.

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