SHREVEPORT, LA - We thought the water in Shreveport would be cleared up in a few days, but that has happened yet.

I would actually bet the water today is even more cloudy that it was earlier this month. You be the judge. I have been taking pictures every now and then to see the progress.

Check out these pictures from my actual bathtub. Is the water better or worse?

Sunday June 9:

This is when folks started complaining about the water.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

Monday June 17:

It actually looks like it's getting better.


Friday June 21:

This photo actually looks worse that earlier in the month.

attachment-Water 3

This is a statement the city released:

We acknowledge that some of our customers are still experiencing off-color water from their taps. While it can cause water to appear yellow or light brown, there is no need to boil water. Despite the yellow appearance, the water is not dirty and is safe to drink.

Water and Sewer Director William Daniel says the cause of the discoloration is historically high levels of Manganese in Cross Lake. Manganese is a relatively common and naturally occurring mineral. However, the high level of manganese in our lake water is a highly unusual occurrence.

What Is Being Done?

Scientists and engineers have been working on the treatment for the last week and a half to combat the impact on the water system. Daniel says "our treatment process is effective, and the manganese levels in our water have been steadily decreasing. We continue to monitor and adjust the treatment as needed, but it's taking longer to get clear water through our system than we hoped.

For any questions or concerns, customers are encouraged to contact the customer service hotline at 318-673-7600 or visit the website at for updates.

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