SHREVEPORT, LA - The water department in Shreveport has been under a microscope over the past week because of water quality. Now one City Council member wants to do a deep dive into the finances in the department.

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What's the Request?

Councilwoman Ursula Bowman, Chairwoman of the Shreveport City Council’s Audit & Finance Committee, has formally requested an internal audit of the Water & Sewerage Department's policies and procedures related to billing, extensions, and overcharges.


Bowman says she has been getting lots of concerns from residents. "As a representative of my constituents and the City, as a whole, it is my duty to ensure that our public services are operating with transparency, efficiency, and fairness, as oversight is a key function of the Council."

Bowman adds:

Our water department has been working very hard to fix known issues and respond to weather events timely and we are appreciative of those efforts. The concerns voiced by residents about potential inconsistencies and errors in billing, extensions, and overcharges within the Water & Sewerage Department warrant a thorough review. Our goal is to identify any areas of improvement and ensure that our policies and procedures serve the best interests of our constituents.


What Will the Audit Focus On?

Billing Practices: Examining the accuracy and consistency of the billing process to ensure that residents are being charged fairly and correctly for their water and sewerage services.

Delinquency & Extension Policies: Reviewing the criteria and processes for granting billing extensions to ensure they are applied equitably and transparently. The audit aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of the current policies and practices, and to recommend necessary changes to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Councilwoman Bowman pledges to keep residents informed about the audit results and the actions taken to make improvements. She says this process will be completely transparent.

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