SHREVEPORT, LA - Three local apartment complexes in Shreveport have been the focus of lots of attention by the city and other officials. Mayor Tom Arceneaux has declared a Public Health and Safety Emergency. This order deals with problems at The Jolie, The Pines and Villa Norte apartment complexes.

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This order goes into effect immediately. It will last until July 3rd. Mayor Arceneaux can extend the order for another 30 days, it needed.

Why Was the Order Needed?

Mayor Arceneaux says this declaration was necessary "because the owners’ actions have left the abandoned complexes as hazards to public safety and health. Squatters, scavengers and vandals have already begun to occupy and trash these complexes."

Canva and Rueben Wright
Canva and Rueben Wright

The Mayor Tells KEEL News:

Without the emergency Declaration, the Police Department may not have a legal way to require that these persons vacate the property.

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Google Maps

Mayor Arceneaux cited several issues that made this Declaration necessary:

1. The properties are unsafe to occupy since they lack running water or functioning toilets.

2. The trash generated by squatters, combined with the trash generated as the last residents moved out, is also a hazard to public health.

3. The properties are vulnerable to fires set by the squatters and scavengers. Two fires have already been set at The Jolie, one of which resulted in injury to three Firefighters. More can be expected if action is not taken.

4. Criminal activity has been reported at The Jolie and Villa Norte and may be reasonably expected to occur at The Pines if squatters, scavengers, and vandals are allowed to remain there.

5. The proximity of these properties to nearby residential and commercial areas presents both public safety and health concerns.

Police Chief Wayne Smith tells KEEL News his officers will enforce the ban by making periodic sweeps of these properties.

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