If you know someone who tests positive for Covid-19, you might think about guiding them to the Regeneron trial being conducted at Willis-Knighton in Shreveport.

It is one of 120 sites across the country participating in the clinical trial for Regeneron’s COVID monoclonal antibody treatment.  WK's Director Dr. Joseph Bocchini says they are looking for patients who are newly diagnosed with COVID. He says early results have been promising for patients with comorbidities.

I was a part of this trial back in November and I can tell you with near certainty that it changed the trajectory of my illness with Covid. Within hours of getting the first treatment, all of my early symptoms disappeared and I never had a fever, never lost my sense of taste and smell and my slight cough went away.

Dr. Bocchini says other early results show Regeneron reducing the duration of symptoms for those with comorbidities by four days.

He also says they want to study the effects of Regeneron on pregnant women and children, but as case numbers decline, that is proving to be a challenge.

If you are interested in more information or want to sign up, click here. You can also call 318-455-9730 for details.

Those participating in the 29 day study will receive a single dose of Regeneron at the WK COVID Research Infusion Center at Willis Knight South. Participants will be monitored at home and tested by healthcare workers. You will also be paid for participating.

When I participated in the trial last year, 1/3 of the patients got a placebo, 1/3 got a partial dose and the others got a full dose. I'm pretty certain I got a full dose, but I won't know until the trial is over.

Step By Step in Regeneron Trial

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