I'm gonna be honest, when Dr. Martha Whyte called me just 2 minutes after my COVID-19 test to let me know it was positive, I had to suck it up to avoid getting emotional. But I'm gonna admit, you can't help but think what if I'm one of the ones who gets really sick? That flashed across my mind. But she encouraged me and told me what to expect and what to watch for in the coming days.

I knew I had to notify my sons and brothers before too much information was revealed. My boys would be the ones to help me make key medical decisions. Dr. Whyte called me back pretty quickly and suggested I think about taking part in a local Regeneron outpatient trial which is being administered by Dr. Joseph Bocchini at Willis Knighton South. I know Dr. Bocchini professionally and have the utmost respect in him. He called me to talk about the trial and gave me very detailed information. I told him I was going to see my Doctor to get advice.

I quickly drove to Boyd Family Practice in Bossier, where my dear friend, Dr. Bernadette Boyd saw me. She said I looked good and we determined, I should participate in the trial. So I called the staff at the clinic and told them I was on the way.

I am patient 162 in the study. Here is that journey which started for me on Friday.

Step By Step in Regeneron Trial

If I should get sick during the trial, things will stop and they will get me the medications I need. If you know someone who is interested in participating in this trial, have them contact Carrie at 318 455-9730. You must be able to provide a recent positive test for COVID-19. You will also be paid for participating in the trial. They are paying more than $3000 dollars!

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