Our office will look very different in the next coming weeks. We will have several empty chairs in studios with many of our DJ's doing their shows live from home. The big guns were called in to disinfect our studios and eliminate any trace of Coronavirus.

On Monday morning, Robert J Wright was struggling a bit with what he thought were his usual sinus issues. Mid-Monday Robert started to feel very sick and felt like he had a fever, so he went to get a rapid Covid test. where he was told he tested positive. Rueben Wright the producer, and Erin McCarty both had to go home immediately and quarantine for 14 days.

We were hoping that both Erin McCarty and Rueben Wright would not come down with any kind of symptoms, however, Erin had a sore throat on Monday, when she went to get tested the test came back negative. By Wednesday she complained about cough and fatigue. On Thursday night fever and cough set in. McCarty went in for a rapid covid test on Friday at 9:00 a.m. and it came out positive.

Erin McCarty is currently going through the Regeneron trial through Willis Knighton South. Does the word "Regeneron" sound familiar? It's the same drug that President Donald Trump received when he tested positive for COVID-19. Today, McCarty will receive the antibody treatment for 4 hours. Then she will have to go in for 12 more visits within the next 30 days.

Several patients have signed up to go through the Regeneron Trial through Willis Knighton South. A third of the patients will receive a full dose, another third will receive half of a dose and the remaining third will get a placebo dose which means there is no medicine at all. We are eager to hear back from Erin McCarty with good news and improved health.

We wish both Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty a speedy recovery.

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