Shreveport is moving full steam ahead to get police substations built. Police Chief Wayne Smith tells KEEL News he hopes to get 3 substations constructed and opened in about a year and a half to two years. Chief Smith say you will be able to go to the substation closest to you to handle police business.

Louisiana House of Representatives
Louisiana House of Representatives

Chief Smith says the overall plan is a brand new police headquarters. Last year, voters ok'd more than $27 million for the new headquarters. But Chief Smith says the substations will come first. His reasoning for doing this is so his officers can be moved out of HQ and go to the substations while one part of the old police facility can be demolished. Work will then begin on one part of the new headquarters and officers moved into the new section while the other part is torn down and rebuilt.

Chief Smith says he is concerned inflation might impact what he kind of complex he will be able to build for the headquarters and the substations, but he is working to be as efficient as possible.

Where Will Shreveport Police Substations Be Built?

The Chief says he plans to build one in north Shreveport, another in west Shreveport and one in the south eastern part of the city. But he also says he wants to hear from residents before making a final decision. He is also hoping some of the properties he needs could be donated for use as a substation.

How Long Will It Take to Get Substations Open?

The Chief says it will take about 18 months to 2 years to get the substations up and going. They will not only be available to use for our officers, but they will also be a place residents can go to get police reports and handle police business rather than go to the central headquarters. The Chief also says they will also be used as exchange sites for custody or any property you might buy from someone online. This will give us more safe places to handle these kinds of transactions.

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