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Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins held a press conference Friday morning to address and clarify the city's position on the recent vote.  But instead of clarification, it, once again, just brought up more questions.

In his press conference, Mayor Perkins announced:

At Wednesdays Healthcare Trust Fund Board meeting there was a vote 4-3, with 1 person abstaining, where the 3-tiered option was rejected. Now the board, we must continue to look for what's the best options available going forward, and what's sustainable for the city and for the employees.

So, according to Mayor Perkins' press conference, held Friday morning, the proposal was REJECTED 4-3.  Although at the meeting Wednesday afternoon, after a very raucous and confusing vote, the Healthcare Trust Fund Board clerk read out the vote as passing with 5 votes yay.  More questions than answers.

Did Mayor Perkins 'mis-speak?'  Did he mean that the 3-tiered proposal PASSED with a 4-3 vote? But his statement that the board "must continue to look for what's the best options available going forward,"  sounds like they now have to start from scratch. Or his he speaking about decisions for next year?  More questions than answers.

KEEL News spoke with Councilman Grayson Boucher, as well as Healthcare Trustfund Board member Bill Wilson on Friday, who expressed they feel the city is moving forward with the proposed 3-tiered plan, with Willis Knighton now being offered as a Tier 2 provider option.  This means those city workers and retirees that have been using Willis Knighton as their primary care provider can continue to use Willis Knighton, but as a second tier, out of plan provider, which will cost more to the employees in the way of higher deductibles and higher premiums.

The plan goes next to the city council for approval, where councilman Grayson Boucher has now formally requested that this issue be put on the council agenda for this Tuesday's meeting for a possible vote.

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