The two casinos in Shreveport are now completely non-smoking. There was a lot of talk about this change at the casinos over the weekend. I visited the El Dorado Casino on Saturday and announcements were made each hour notifying gamblers of the change which happened at midnight on Saturday night.

Many of the dealers and staff members I spoke with were pleased with the change. A couple did say they are not sure this policy will stick. There is some concern about losing business to the Bossier City casinos where smoking is still allowed.

But in cities where casino smoking bans are put in place, the stats show there is a little dip in the beginning but the numbers come back.

Sam's Town Casino is also smoke free as a result of the smoking ordinance in Shreveport.

The Shreveport City Council passed this smoking ban last year. Implementation was delayed for a year to give the casinos time to recover from the pandemic. The smoking ban also includes all bars and nightclubs in Shreveport as well.

The state law in place in Louisiana prohibits smoking in most public places and workplaces, but it does not include bars and casinos. There has been some discussion about banning smoking at casinos in Bossier City, but so far, no ordinance has been proposed. New Bossier Mayor Tommy Chandler says he is willing to look at it.

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