The Shreveport Fire Department announced today, it's annual Trick-Or-Treat event. The fun will be taking place at the Shreveport Fire and Police Training Academy tomorrow, and promises to be safe, fun, and educational. Training Officer Brian Watson released this statement today:

The annual Trick or Treat event will be hosted on tomorrow October 30th at The Shreveport Fire and Police Training Academy located at 6440 Greenwood Road. This annual event is a fantastic family event geared toward providing a safe environment for families to come out and enjoy trick or treating. At this year’s event we will have a multitude of events ranging from face painting, free candy, food trucks, costume parades, haunted houses, and much more. Parking is limited but we will also be providing shuttles from 6140 Greenwood road (The OLD HOME ZONE parking lot). These areas will be protected by Shreveport Finest - SPD for the safety of the transfer of citizens as the travel back and forth to the event. The shuttles will run consistently until 08:15pm.

This Trick or Treat Event promises to be both fun and educational.

The Logistics are as follows:

Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2019

Time: 05:00 pm – 08:00 pm

Location: 6440 Greenwood Road, the Shreveport Fire Training Academy

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