SHREVEPORT, LA - I have known Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator for more than 30 years. To say he has been a force in law enforcement in Shreveport and Caddo Parish is an understatement. But he is no longer Sheriff. He retires as of today.

Prator Will Always Support Law Enforcement

Steve Prator is a strong supporter of law enforcement. He does not like the climate we have been in lately that paints police officers and deputies as the bad guy. He has often told me we have to change that. Prator, like other law enforcement leaders has been struggling to recruit men and women to serve in his department. He has worked to change that.

What Is Prator Going to Do Now?

Prator is taking a position on the Louisiana State Board of Pardons and Paroles. He plans to be a voice for law enforcement and victims in his new role. In agreeing to take this position at the request of Governor Jeff Landry, Prator could no longer serve as Sheriff. That's why he had to step down earlier than expected. He will now be on the state payroll in his new job. Prator is being praised by many leaders in our community.

When I started putting together a list of accomplishments of Prator, it was really tough to narrow the list. I did not even get to include the new story I just heard about today from a KEEL listener who said Prator told his roommate at LSU he was going home to Shreveport to be a cop after watching Clint Eastwood in "Dirty Harry" which made the phrase "Make My Day" popular. Thank goodness Prator watched that movie.

Remembering the Service of Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator

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