Senator Mary Landrieu spoke to KEEL News about her reelection bid for her fourth term in the Senate.  She says she is ready for the challenge, which currently looks to be primarily from Baton Rouge Congressman Bill Cassidy.

"I've always said my races are always competitive.  I'm the only elected Democratic official in the state which make is it very tough," explained Landrieu.  "I think it's a purple state, it can go Democrat or Republican.  I've just tried to be independent for Louisiana and I think that's what's sustained me over time."

She argues she's for Louisiana.

"I've worked with George Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama," explained the senior Senator. "I've worked with them, I've worked against them, depending on what issues are important for the state."

KEEL asks Senator Landrieu how she feels going into another reelection campaign.

Landrieu reacts to comments that she 'doesn't represent Louisiana's values'

"I think the record speaks for itself.  I don't have to speak the words, the record speaks for itself."

And she goes over her record.

"I've delivered billions of dollars for the state when presidents like George Bush or Barack Obama or Bill Clinton didn't want to step up to help Louisiana."

Landrieu also notes her office saved Fort Polk and that having senior leadership from Louisiana in Washington will help the state make up for state cuts.  Senator Landrieu is currently in the top quartile for Senate seniority.

KEEL asks Landrieu her thoughts on those who say she doesn't stand for Louisiana values.

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