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Elections matter.  You've heard it said, "If you didn't vote, you have no right to complain."  Regardless of your thoughts on election integrity, it's still important to exercise your right to vote.  Some would say it isn't even a right... it's an obligation. There are millions of people around the world that would love the opportunity to be able to participate in a free and fair election process.

Okay... enough preaching at you!  Hopefully, if you're reading this, you're an active participant in the electoral process.  And in that light... here's the lineup of the ballots for Caddo & Bossier parishes.


Benjamin Barnes- Independent

Patrick Henry "Dat" Barthel- Republican

Daniel M. "Danny" Cole- Democrat

Oscar "Omar" Dantzler Jr.- Democrat

Xavier Ellis- Republican

"Keitron" Gagnon- No Party

Sharon W. Hewitt- Republican

Jeffery Istre- Independent

"Xan" John- Republican

Jeff Landry- Republican

Hunter Lundy- Independent

Richard Nelson- Republican

John Schroeder- Republican

Frank Scurlock- Independent

Stephen "Wags" Waguespack- Republican

Shawn D. Wilson- Democrat


Lt. Governor

Elbert "Pawpaw" Guillory- Republican

"Tami" Hotard- Republican

Willie Jones- Democrat

William "Billy" Nungesser- Republican

Bruce Payton- Independent

Chester Pritchett- No Party

Gary Rispone- No Party


Secretary of State

"Gwen" Collins-Greenup- Democrat

"Mike" Francis- Republican

Amanda "Smith" Jennings- Other

Thomas J. Kennedy III- Republican

Nancy Landry- Republican

Arthur A. Morrell- Democrat

Clay Schexnayder- Republican

Brandon Trosclair- Republican


Attorney General

Lindsey Cheek- Democrat

"Marty" Maley- Republican

"Liz" Baker Murrill- Republican

John Stefanski- Republican

Perry Walker Terrebonne- Democrat



John Fleming- Republican

Dustin Granger- Democrat

Scott McKnight- Republican


Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry

Michael G. "Mike" Strain- Republican


Commissioner of Insurance

R.D. "Rich" Weaver- Democrat

BESE District 4

Paige Hoffpauir- Republican

Stacey Melerine- Republican

Emma Shepard- Democrat


State Senator 31st Senatorial District

"Mike" McConathy- Republican

Alan Seabaugh- Republican


State Senator 38th Senatorial District

Chase Jennings- Republican

John Milkovich- Republican

Thomas A. Pressly- Republican


State Senator 39th Senatorial District

Cedric B. Glover- Democrat

Samuel L. "Sam" Jenkins Jr.- Democrat

Barbara M. Norton- Democrat

James F. "Jim" Slagle- Republican


State Representative 1st Representative District

Randall Liles- Republican

Danny McCormick- Republican


State Representative 2nd Representative District

Steven Jackson- Democrat

Terence Vinson- Democrat


State Representative 3rd Representative District

Tammy Phelps- Democrat


State Representative 4th Representative District

Jasmine R. Green- Democrat

Lyndon B. Johnson- Democrat

Joy Walters- Democrat


State Representative 5th Representative District
Dennis Bamburg Jr.- Republican


State Representative 6th Representative District

Robert "Bobby" Darrow- Democrat

Evan McMichael- No Party

Michael Melerine- Republican


State Representative 7th Representative District

Larry Bagley- Republican

"Tim" Pruitt- Republican


Judge Juvenile Court, Elec. Sect. 3A

Justin Courtney- Republican

Heidi Martin- Republican


Caddo Parish Sheriff

Shayne Gibson- Republican

Patricia "Pat" Gilley- Democrat

Eric Hatfield- Republican

Hersy Jones Jr.- Democrat

John Nickelson- Republican

Henry L. Whitehorn Sr.- Democrat


Clerk of Court

"Mike" Spence- Democrat



Brett Frazier- Republican

Kristin Hardin Gonzalez- Democrat

Reginald Dewayne Johnson- Democrat

Regina Webb- Democrat



Todd Thoma- Republican


Parish Commission Member District 1

Todd Hopkins- Republican

"Chris" Kracman- Republican


Parish Commission Member District 2

Gregory Young- Democrat


Parish Commission Member District 3

Joshua A. Hanson- No Party

Victor L. Thomas- Democrat

Michael D. Williams- Democrat


Parish Commission Member District 4

Frank Thaxton- Republican

John-Paul Young- Republican


 Parish Commission Member District 5

Roy Burrell- Democrat


Parish Commission Member District 6

Steffon D. Jones- Democrat


Parish Commission Member District 7

Stormy Gage Watts- Democrat


Parish Commission Member District 8

Grace Anne Blake- Republican

"Tim" Euler- Republican


Parish Commission Member District 9
John E. Atkins- Republican


Parish Commission Member District 10

Quinton J. Aught- Democrat

Ronald "Ronnie" Cothran- Democrat

Kenny Gordon- Democrat


Parish Commission Member District 11

"Ed" Lazarus- Republican


Parish Commission Member District 12

David Cox- Republican

"Ken" Epperson Sr.- Democrat


Parish Commission Member District 8, Unexpired Term

Grace Anne Blake- Republican

Ronald Cothran- Democrat


In addition to the state-wide races, Bossier Parish Ballots will also include the following.


State Representative 8th Representative District

Raymond J. Crews- Republican


State Representative 9th Representative District

"Dodie" Horton- Republican

"Chris" Turner- Republican


State Representative 10th Representative District

Wayne McMahen- Republican


Bossier Parish Sheriff

"Chris" Green- Republican

Julian C. Whittington- Republican


Clerk of Court

Jill Sessions- Republican



Bobby Edmiston- Republican



"Mike" Williams- Republican


Police Juror District 1

"Bob" Brotherton- Republican

Michael B. Farris- Republican

Mary Odom- Democrat

Andre M. Wilson- Democrat


Police Juror District 2

Glenn Benton- Republican


Police Juror District 3

"Andy" Modica- Republican

Philip Rodgers- Republican


Police Juror District 4

Jack Harvill- Republican

"John Ed" Jorden- Republican

Donald Stephens- Democrat


Police Juror District 5

Barry "Bear" Butler- Republican

Julianna Parks- Republican


Police Juror District 6

Robert A. Berry- Republican

"Chris" Marsiglia- Republican


Police Juror District 7

James "Jimmy" Cochran- Democrat


Police Juror District 8

"Doug" Rimmer Sr.- Republican


Police Juror District 9

Pamela M. "Pam" Glorioso- Republican

Charles L. Gray- Democrat


Police Juror District 10

James K. Carley- Democrat

Jerome L. Darby- Independent

Julian "Julius" Darby- Democrat

Mary A. Giles- Democrat


Police Juror District 11

"Tom" Salzer- Republican


Police Juror District 12

Paul "Mac" Plummer- Republican

"Keith" Sutton- Republican


Member of School Board District 4

John "Tommy" Green- Republican

William Leighton- Independent

Sherri Pool- Republican


Justice(s) of the Peace Justice of the Peace District 4

No Candidates

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