SHREVEPORT, LA – Thanksgiving is creeping up on us and you might be one of those folks who loves to cook and put on a big spread at your home or at a relative’s home. But lots of people would rather get together with the family at a restaurant and avoid all that cooking.

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We are still dealing with inflation and the cost of cooking that feast is still going to hit hard. Once you factor in the turkey and all the sides and then throw in the pies and other treats, you will probably pay a pile of money at the grocery store.

It might just be worth it to consider dining out this year. You will save time considering it takes a lot of effort to prepare the turkey and all the side dishes that are typically served with a family Thanksgiving meal. You will also save the clean up time that follows a massive home-cooked spread.

I get it. Fixing that special family feast full of love is special and lots of folks enjoy all the cooking and preparation that makes the day so special. And plenty of families share the tasks by each contributing some dishes to the feast. That's great and is traditionally what my family has always done. But for the past few years, we have eaten out and I am a big fan. You do need to plan ahead and make sure you can get a reservation at your favorite spot. Thousands of people hit the restaurants each Thanksgiving to dine out. I expect that number to grow this year with the high cost of groceries.

Several local restaurants will be open again this year. You will typically find those breakfast chain restaurants like Denny's, Waffle House and IHOP open. The casinos will also have restaurants open on Thanksgiving too.

But several local restaurants are serving special meals for Thanksgiving again this year.

What Local Restaurants Will Be Open for Thanksgiving Meals?

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